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Memories of Muskoka Games

I've notice that there is a rather large schedule for Muskoka this spring, for a field tat Typically hosted an Annual Event, then the lucky year there was two chances at the Muskoka Wolves Field.
The historic Muskoka games at Wolf Pack Primary have generated many tales of Heroism (Simulated) Awesome (Genuine) and Foolery (Epic). Here at the store I've heard and related many stories from players about the great experiences had at The Muskoka Field. In retelling the stories to alot of new guys looking into Airsoft it became evident that the kind of Game up there is what a lot of the " Old Guys" that are new to airsoft were looking for. There was always a constant in Muskoka, the guys brought a good attitude and a great game and the stories rolled out for weeks after the event. Years after I still talk about the Bastard Soup Nazi and his dedicated non-bias imput on the game. I 've heard stories of the Left-usians Right-usians and NATO executions. MidNite Explosions from the Camp fire that rumbled the ground hundreds of yards away. Been there for the Bear that showed up at the game. Snipers getting lost and refusing to Expose themselves to the enemy. Other players who when lost, finally found an enemy, mercied them, then had them lead them back to the road. Night Ghost walks and Russian Mediums & the Blue Lady ghost. Sasqumatch!
I have been to a few fields over the the years but this one field does have more history and bravado, in the trees, than any other. and the host makes a mean Chillie con Carne.
What I wanted to know is how many guys heard Legendary tales of Muskoka when they got into airsoft & these tales brought them into "milsim" and the
"big boy games"

Myself in the land of long long ago I remember clicking around the New and small internet looking for info on Airsoft, ( Market research) and seeing scanned pics of guys in a field in Bracebridge Ontario and a Teepee or something like that. But there wasn't much else on the web then about airsoft.
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