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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
I got this electrical waterproofing spray at work (electra-coat by lubemaster), the liquid sets up into a scotch tape like plastic film, works great for waterproofing battery terminals, boards, and the like.
I'm considering spraying my boards with this stuff, then cutting it away between the optical contacts.
We had a hoist control remote fall into a hot rinse tank at work, took it apart, blew it out, worked. Sprayed the inside with that plastic film, they got it wet twice since and it hasn't stopped working.
I'd say it's probably the best bet for waterproofing PTWs
I've done that on my two PTWs. The first one has so far survived 3 years of all weather play and I've played in some very wet games during that time. Even before I sprayed my boards I played some really wet games and never had any problems but I figure it wouldn't hurt to protect my boards.

Oh as for the PTW that went off, there's a bit more back story to it... I know the gun and game in question, the owner earlier in the week had severed the wires that run into the buffer tube and just taped them back together. Don't know if that along with the rain lead to a short but it's possible.

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