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Meh internet threats are a story at a time, he wouldn't be scared of them and I'm not either, plus if he is/was CF I doubt he goes around beaten people on Canadian streets would be most unprofessional.
1) I am not now nor have I ever been Canadian Forces. I have served along side them and others as "Private Security Personnel" we do the menial crap so trained soldiers are free to fight.

2) this was no threat; simply stating that should we come face to face, things will be settled on the field.

3) a grenade fragment saw to it that I will never be active in the sand box again, my left arm is some what less than factory original so I would be a liability in real action these days. also means that I will not be training with you anytime soon. Although I do have a standing invite in Texas to be "OPFORCE" for the Marines training there.

4) no I don't go around beating on people.
But I don't let people denigrate me either.

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