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Originally Posted by Cobalt Caliber View Post
Hey look everybody its a new guy who asks questions, tries telling us crap something about federal prison and a gas type gun, and has an attitude,and I stopped caring. Take the attitude somewhere else. The laws are clearly defined. If your looking for facts call the RCMP or your local Police, the internet is a repository for info. NOT to spoonfeed you.
so much for the "no flaming" rules of this forum.
Well pizza delivery boy,
this 46 year old combat veteran is not frightened of you or any childish remarks you launch in my direction.
if you had any real back bone you would be in the Forces shooting Real Steel.
not Flaming people online.

so, Bowmanville.
Might have to visit for a game/event sometime.
You'll know me; I don't hide behind an online persona or a mask.

btw, I was age verified Monday, April 16, 2012.
it just has not posted as yet.

arguing online is kind of like competing at the Special Olympics;
even if you win your still retarded.

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