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As a Central Saanich resident, Airsoft gun owner AND one with friends on the force I'll tell you several things. First. The Saanich PD brass are VERY anal. Very, they are VERY much the type to shout 'Fire' to get their pic in the paper. When I saw that article in the paper I was not surprised at all. Much ado about nothing is pretty much SOP.

BUT.. None of the cops I know want to shoot anyone, shooting someone is traumatic for the cop and finding out you killed someone who was (admittedly idiotically) waving around a airsoft gun is rough on the cop and the next time he finds himself facing someone waving a gun around he might hesitate when he/she shouldn't. If you wave a airsoft gun at a cop and get shot, I consider that darwinism at work, but it's a high price for the cop to pay to rid the world of another idiot.

AND.. It casts more bad publicity on airsoft, and even if 1 in 10000 airsofters are the kind of idiot to wave their gun around that VERY small segment of the population is the one that gets focused on. It's my fear that in the future these fear mongers couples with the ammo given to them by the morons in the population that will first get canadian airsoft guns pink tipped and then eventually banned outright. Airsoft got banned in Australia, it can happen here.

What would really annoy me is that if someone was to write and submit a rebuttal to the article it would be dismissed as the ravings of one of those 'wackos'.

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