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Please in future posts use better grammar and all the other stuff you learned in school.

And first try Silicon Oil, drip a few drops down the feed tube (the tube that the BBs come in) then try shooting it. It could be that the mags are low quality and might not work out of box. VA mags might be rebranded ACM (All China Made) mags. ACM, Green Label and other cheap magazines (that often come in bulk backs for pretty cheap) often have feed issues.

EDIT: What BBs are you using? Low Quality BBs are exactly that Low Quality. For best results use BB Bastard BBs. other ones like those crappy .12s from crappy tire are crap. Velocity Arms BBs are also rice bagged meaning that they often have poor tolerances and/or shape. Stick with King Arms,Green Devil , Madbull Precision, Guarder, Airsoft Elite, Excel, and above all else BB Bastards.
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I know that isn't really what you asked, but it's the internet, and I like to type things that don't matter.

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