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When was the last time the FAQ was updated?

When was the last time the FAQ was updated?
2008 was the last date stamp in the thread but I'm reasonably certain that with many of the changing laws around real steel firearms,
laws concerning Airsoft may have been altered as well.

one I'm particularly interested in is the "Orange Tip" rules.
the FAQ states:

Q: Do airsoft guns in Canada need to have orange tips? Do orange tips affect the status of airsoft guns in Canada?

A: No. The "orange tip" requirement is a US-based law.

Is this still correct?

Are there any transportation laws, regulations or rules of thumb that have changed?
Is un-loaded + de-gassed, in a case, in the trunk/rear of the hatch/out of reach of occupants of the vehicle still good enough?

having an "Airgun" with a gas supply attached in a moving vehicle is a serious offence and can land you in Federal Prison. just an FYI.

can you imagine trying to sound tough in Kingston Penn when they find out you are doing 15 to 20 because you had a gassed up BB gun...

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