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Originally Posted by TaroBear View Post
It has little to do with the gun, I think, and more to do with your style and the environment to play in.
For sure, it's all about your play style and environment. Since I tend to engage at longer distances I rarely pull out my pistol. Some people are always rushing hard and getting up close and pull up their pistols, others have BASR's and use their Mk23's when below 100 feet, others like me will tend to stay back and sit there and provide direct suppressive fire for others to come in for an assault. At the end of the day all you really need is a pair of good boots, PB goggles (Panther Paintball the main field we play at REQUIRES them, some other fields do not and only require at minimum ballistics or somesuch), a gun, and money for field fee/BB's and other incidentals.

Caveat; I haven't counted my pistol kills while playing CQB since that's a whole different thing.
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