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you WANT those holes
If you don't want your feet getting wet, wear goretex socks
goretex or otherwise, if you step in a puddle above the boot line the water will get in, and if it's a goretex boot, the water's not going to get out.
I gotta get rid of my converse desert boots because they don't have drains, it really sucks hauling around 3lb of water in each boot! My last pair of boots were altama exospeeds, and I'm going back to those.

It should be noted that goretex boots are for airforce use, when the most hardcore thing you do in the rain is walk through small puddles on a tarmac =p

I used to have rothco boots too, don't know if you've played in water with them yet, but be warned the soles on them slip out from under your foot when wet! Rothco boots are purpose built ankle breakers.

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