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I got Magnums and Condor Elite boots. I actually gotta say that Condor Elite boots are surprisingly well made. They've worn in well and are around the same condition as my Magnum Stealth boots and have been used/gamed allot more. Comes with a composite toe and (without the YKK Zipper) are waterproof. I wore them at the recent ZWAC game which anyone who went could tell you there was a fair bit of mud and water. I was comfortable all day. The composite toe is light and provides protection like a Steel Toed boot, yet none of the weight. They are a well balanced boot that comes with my recommendation!

Can be found at Hamilton Tactical & HeroArmySurplus(but are a bit more expensive here than other locations).

They do retail at a fairly higher price than some boots, but you get allot of nice features with them, as with all boots, I suggest you find different ways to lace/tie them as that can be a big factor in comfort.
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