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Originally Posted by Coward View Post
nice i will for sure! and im going to go with the mp5a5 =D i believe lol

maybe another noob question but do the games / fields have a mag cap limit? and whats a good amount of mags to have and are pistols important? for shooting at close range, less fps? i dont know lol
MP5 will be a bit harder to find since everyone usually goes with the AR or AK platform when starting out. Doesn't mean that there doesn't exist some MP5's there, IIRC they have 2 on consignment right now (both pretty decent starter packages at decent prices).

As far as a ammo/mag limit goes, regular skirmish days, anything goes but try not to be a BB hose or you'll drain your batteries fast.

Pistol wise, I've only really gotten like 3 pistol kills in my entire time playing airsoft and only pulled out my pistol maybe 10-15 times but that's mainly because I tend to engage at longer distances (at least 50-60 feet) and only pull out a pistol when I'm engaging below my Minimum Engagement Distance for my rifle.

Also I'll echo the "buy a few pieces at a time" sentiment. I did it that way and am starting to amass a collection of gear that I like and not useless stuff that I use once and put in the back of the closet forever or go and sell it after one use.
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