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Originally Posted by Coward View Post
nice i will for sure! and im going to go with the mp5a5 =D i believe lol

maybe another noob question but do the games / fields have a mag cap limit? and whats a good amount of mags to have and are pistols important? for shooting at close range, less fps? i dont know lol
usually it depends on the host or games, there are ammo limits imposed on players in some games. Ideally you can run with hicaps at first and slowly build your accesories as you go. I only use a 30rnd mags because thats all they have for PTW5 I have about 28 of them and in a typical CQB I would use about 8-9 depending on teh scenario, in milsim the most I ever used was 22 mags.

General load out if I was using a MP5 would be 12 mags, 6 pistol mags and my side arm
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