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Originally Posted by Fizzmix View Post

I am extremely new to airsoft - I have yet to play a game. Here is my problem.
I enjoy the thought of myself and others shooting at each other to see who's aim/positioning/etc. is best. I enjoy competition.

What I DONT want to do is dress up in army fatigues, vests, etc. Nothing against people who like to dress up in all that gear, but it just isn't for me. I fully support safety gear, but just can't bring myself to purchase "army" gear to go airsofting.

Here's where I need your opinion. Is it reasonable to have a game with others if I have no intention to wear the "gear" associated with it? Is all the "gear" necessary to attempt to have serious games with others?

Please let me know what you think. Thanks.
To each their own....some guys are deep into the military simulation aspect of airsoft...others are not. As long as each persons expectations are inline with the particular game and the rest of the players attending then all is well.

Most skirmish type games are pretty relaxed about dress/kit long as safety (i.e. googles/boots/weather appropriate clothing) and self-sustainability is taken care of (i.e. meds/water/food/etc...).

Some places around here, notably the indoor Paintball places, have zero kit requirements. As long as you have goggles you're good to go.

All that said...IMO, it's 100% up to the game, the host and what's set out in the game thread. If teams are split between different camo/colour schemes...then that's what is expected, from everyone. If there's a civilian/partisan/etc...role to fill, then you'd be good to go. There's an expectation that everyone has done what they need to do to participate effectively for the entire duration of the game.

If there doesn't seem to be a civi "team"/group...then ask BEFORE the game. If the game allows for it, it's not too hard a thing to create a civi/all-black type team/group....or to simply lump all the odd balls into a given group.

Same goes for kit/gear...if the game specifies no-highcaps, helmets/cut-resistant gloves, etc...then that's what it is.

I say to ask before the game since it's a bit of a piss off if the host puts it out there to do this/that or to be prepared in this way or that....and then to have guys show up intending to just do and go with whatever they want. It's like being invited to a black tie event and deciding, "Piss on the host and everyone else...I'll just do what I want and go in shorts". You might feel all free-spirited and self-actualized...but you're being a prick.

For example...if you want to boot around in civies and everyone a favour and don't sign up for a WW2 milsim. It just ruins part of the day for everyone else.

Some hosts and groups of players really don't care...others do. Simply ask beforehand and find out for the particular game/event you're checking out.

You said it's your problem. Don't impose it on everyone else.

It must be said though...there's few guys who can pull off Hawiian shirt like Talon

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