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MSA Sordins rigged for TalkAbout Motorola's?

I'm new to these forums, so sorry if this is already been asked or if I misplace this thread...

But I've been looking in buying a pair of MSA Sordins(I'm having nothing but problems with Ztactical Sordins) But I'm looking for a PTT that's capable of using Motorola's TalkAbout radios into REAL Sordins.

I've looked all over online for any information about modding or buying a PTT I can use for MSA Sordins, but I end up finding nothing. The closest thing I found was to ship your radio and headset to TEA or MSA directly and they can mod a PTT that works for your radio for couple hundred bucks(USD) Also I heard you need to be in the military or LE for them to actually do it. That seems like a pain in the a** just for piece of cord! And I don't want to bother with getting a HAM radio licence and an expensive radio.(That might not work with other 2 way radios that people use on the field)

Can someone help me out on this? Does anyone know how to set up TalkAbout radios with real MSA Sordins? Does anyone have a link where I can find someone who custom makes PTT's for cheap or a store that sells these?
I feel like I have no other choice but to spend a fortune just for communication.
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