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First off nice job on the magazine. Good way to get this sport known.

Digital version is a great idea, I think. I'm not sure how to cut costs for a magazine and still keep the same margins though(maybe cheaper paper?).

Digital media is the way of the future, and social media even on top of that so catering to that market would be smart. People today definitely spend more time in front of screens than they do in local Magazine stores; I know because I'm an avid reader and I've seen all my favorite places close over the years, and having to diversify their products because selling magazines alone won't do.

A relevant anecdote. I remember working at a sporting good shop a long time ago and my boss was talking about the Bowflex and what a piece of shit it was, but we sold tons because people wanted it. Why? Bowflex didn't sell a lot because they were good, in fact most buyers of the demographic they were catering to tended to only use the machines seldomly once they had it(they turned into coat hangers as we'd say), and anyone with a good sense of athletic knowledge were usually buying higher end machines or free weights which are ultimately better. But Bowflex bought tons of advertising time on TV and shoved that product down all our throats to the point where I can just say the name and everyone knows what I mean. Kinda like the Slap Chop. It sucks. I've cut myself bad twice and eventually broke it on...wait for onion. But even I thought it was the magic piece my kitchen was missing; the solution to all my time problems.

My point here is that we're a lazy society, always staring at screens in one form or another, and most us of don't have tons of expendable cash (especially with today's economy) so we're always looking for a good deal. Bowflex won by being affordable and easily available to people via phone call from your couch.. slumped over in a guilt-ridden position staring at your gut thinking, "I gotta get into shape"
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