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I'm with the 'less gear' crowd.Gear looks cool but as soon as it gets in the way of playing I tend to get rid of it, looking like a fully geared soldier in A-stan is not my primary interest with airsoft.
I never could get used to helmets, plates, tac vests, even the chest rig got me fed up in the end.I really hate leg gear like droplegs.
the gear that proved useful was kneepads, pouches of course (on a belt), holsters, slings, rain gear, cold weather gear, gloves, soft head gear like tuques and headbands for sweat.I tried to get rid of the dump pouch but it's just too convenient.
the pouches-on-the-belt option is convenient for rain and cold, less interference with clothes.
jumpsuits are good because of the lack of belt needed on pants...

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