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Originally Posted by Fizzmix View Post
Alright, fair enough. I guess my question has more to do with reservations with wearing gear than the use of gear itself in airsoft. I've never worn anything camo, and the whole "army stuff" has never interested me. I guess I would feel like a ... "poser" when wearing all the gear when I am well aware I could never "hack it" in the army.

I guess I'm just going to have to pick up some gear, try it out, and see how I feel. I am interested in airsoft to compete, and play against others. It has been a long time since i've competed in anything; I guess if I want to play the game, I should have to wear the uniform.
I'm generally long winded so brace yourself.

I fully understand your point. I've seen videos of airsofters saying, "HOOAH" to each other when I'm almost positive they're not marines, and it irks me - which is rare - because they haven't earned the right to say that. So in a sense they're posers too, and no one likes a person who isn't true to himself, but part of that is also the simulation aspect of this sport - which I'll explain later.

I really think you should reconsider the camo concept. When I have my gear on I don't look very official. Maybe similar to a Vietnam era Special Forces but certainly not anything like the soldiers today. I grew up in a different time though so Vietnam has more symbolism than any modern war for me.

I digress; part of airsoft is looking a certain way. No matter what anyone tells you it is. From the guns, to the camo, to the color of your ammo pouch, at every level there is thought and choice about what one prefers - it's just a spectrum and some are on the far end. There are the rare types who just go (by choice) at it without gear, because they love the game, are pretty indifferent to military stuff and just want to play, but for the most part Airsoft players represent combat simulation, and part of that is simulating your own experience and persona. No one is asking you to swallow a blood pill every time you get shot, pack official military gear, or learn Arabic if you play as an insurgent, but some of the gear just makes sense and adds to the immersion.

Camo works because it blends in with the environment - period. There's nothing poser about doing your best to not get killed by being concealed, and there are plenty of unofficial forces in the world who fight without military uniforms. On a related note, however, a lot of Special Forces wore jeans and camo tops in Vietnam during their ops.

Others things like ammo pouches are just logical, as one poster pointed out since his mags kept falling out of his hoodie. Practicality is the name of the game.

Once you accept some of those fundamental concepts the fun part comes in customizing yourself. Surf the internet, read some books, watch movies, whatever. Get some ideas of your favorites badass look and try to build your gear around that. I had a lot of fun surfing the net buying one thing here and another there, trying to figure what I wanted to look like. I had some ideas to start and basically just worked off of that getting new ideas every time I spotted something I hadn't seen before.

Look, at the base philosophical level, airsoft is really just "guns for adults" (if you ever played "guns" as a kid). So dig deep inside, get in touch with that creative child the technocratic society has been trying to kill and come up with some funky ideas. Don't let anyone tell you "how" to play, but do listen to some of the advice given here as it's pretty sound, and these guys know what they're talking about. Except maybe the Quebec guys. Watch out for them.

Last: Have fun. That's an order!
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