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Originally Posted by Fizzmix View Post
Alright, fair enough. I guess my question has more to do with reservations with wearing gear than the use of gear itself in airsoft. I've never worn anything camo, and the whole "army stuff" has never interested me. I guess I would feel like a ... "poser" when wearing all the gear when I am well aware I could never "hack it" in the army.
Well, if I may, I feel I need to point out a fundamental flaw in that statement: you're basically saying that camo/army gear only works for people in the military. And if you were talking about dress uniforms, ranks, ribbons/medals, etc I'd be right there with you (and if you read around the forum, you'll find this community doesn't take kindly to posers who do misrepresent themselves that way).

But for camo, hunters use camo (out of necessity), outdoorsmen use various bits of military kit because of its functionality, etc. And in paintball and airsoft there's also a legitimate need, during the game, to try and conceal yourself, carry your water, mags, etc. So the gear does have a legitimate purpose.

Now true, some people will push it further and do impressions (replicating the look of a given military group etc) but that's not everyone (guesstimate maybe 20-30% from my observations), nor is it required.
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