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Maybe get some sort of representitive to give a speach to the government on airsoft. or the media if they have contacts.

Anyone here thinking about becoming a journalist? You know what you'd probably be the first journalist to have some clue about what airsoft is about. Unless there are some journalists that are here. (I doubt it though otherwise the airsoft thing would actually be clairified already) If you are a journalist try to talk to the other journailists and clairify to them that airsoft is just a milsim type of game like paintball. except more realistic. (dont flame me for putting paintball and airsoft in the same sentence)

wtf M-7? its a freaking C-7
The paint job is wrong.
The c-7(a1 and a2) has the c-72 scope does it not?
how is a uzi an automatic? isnt it a smg unless the classification has changed then make the c9 a hand gun while youre at it
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