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Talon is one of the go to guys with regards to low gear tactical shooting. He has been doing it longer than I've been in the sport, and I have subsequently dropped a lot of gear because he has shown how effective it is to reduce load/bulk and simplify a rig/belt setup.

Personally I've been using kydex rigs recently, and I don't see myself turning back anytime soon. They reduce a lot of space needed to carry bare minimum setups. (2 pistol mags, pistol and an AR mag is relatively light on the belt, about 1.5KG) and is a good place to be for civilian gear fighting.

Hell, even doing everything out of jeans is doable (I find that fighting from BDU's is actually harder, as the slant of the pockets tends to eject mags instead of retain them). I've run 8 AR magazines out of Jeans (and just dumped the mags when finished).

As said before, gear does not make the player, but small amounts used properly will make him far more efficient.

EDIT: If you're looking to avoid the "whole army thing", you can dress like a civilian shooter. Picture attached. High speed civilian clothing is available, and the US market has tonnes of tactical civilian load outs (home defense, extreme hunting...). So don't feel carrying a gun is for the military, it's common in many parts of the world.

Magpul Picture (lulz)

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