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Originally Posted by Fizzmix View Post
Wow. Just 'cause i'm not interested in the gear, airsoft isn't for me? Sweet.
While his statement was a bit blunt, I do have to question what you intend to do in airsoft (serious question, what are your expectations?)

You mentioned serious gaming; but for all but the most informal skirmishes, many (if not most) places won't even let you play in civvies (unless its some scenario and there are civvies -- terrorists, robbers, zombies, etc).

IPSC style shooting also has civilian attire.

But otherwise I'm not sure where you're going with this. What do you plan on doing, running around in flip flops, bermuda shorts and a hawaiian shirt with a couple of mags in your pockets? Do you plan on just shooting at targets? (if so, airsoft is a really poor choice -- you'll find yourself frustrated with the accuracy in no time).

I think you need to expand your original question a bit to clarify what it is you want to know.
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