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Well, at the very basic level, 'gear' is intended for carrying everything you need to 'survive'. It's like Batman's utility belt. The vest provides easy access to magazines for faster reloads, radios for comms, replacement batteries, BB loaders, a dinosaur and some pancakes, and canteens to satiate (very important this). People rig their gear to carry all of this, plus some repair kits if they so choose. Everything is in arms reach. The pants and shirt is for camo (duh). People wear these depending on where and when they play to blend in more with the environment.

If you don't want a rig, obviously be prepared to have some bruises at the end of the game not only from the BBs but from crawling around and all that shit. Have a decent backpack or something to carry all your water and mags and whatever else you want to take with you as some games can last for a while. Also, some teams require proper gear if you want to join but field organizers will allow you to play if at least you make an effort.

Though, I am curious as to what your alternative is to not wearing the gear?

EDIT: 4 replies while i wrote that. damn that was fast....

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