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Originally Posted by Zeke
Originally Posted by Kedirkin
It's typical nanny-state drivel. Jack-booted cops like that think it's their duty now to take away everything from people that they decide is dangerous. Never trust them.


Yeah, its a shame some officers have that attitude. For a better, more educated look on a cop might i add... check out this article by a constable I work with, hell some of you may have already seen it around:

The Hubbub Over Replica Guns

That's a really good article, and it makes a sound point.
Why the hell are people sticking up for criminals, by punishing those who have/use replicas responisbly (ie- playing Airsoft on a designated field)?
I say that if a guy robs a store with a GBB and gets shot by a cop for it, he assumed the risk of that happening when he first walked into the store.
People really need to get their damn priorities in order, and think about what they're actually trying to do instead of just jumping on the "let's ban replicas/guns/pants" bandwagon.

EDIT: Also, banning replicas or Airsoft doesn't cause crimes like robberies, holdups, or muggings to stop. If a criminal can't get their hands on a replica, they'll just use something else... like, say, a REAL GUN potentially.
Frankly, if I were a cop, and I were the first to arrive on the scene of a 7/11 holdup, I'd rather be faced with a replica handgun (even if I didn't know it was fake) than a real gun (or a knife, for that matter).
If I had to shoot the person holding up the store (because they started waving the "gun" around at me or something), I certainly wouldn't feel bad about it, because they put THEMSELVES in that position in the first place.
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