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If you're in Aldergrove I know it's far but it will definitely be worth your time to go to Airsoft Gear in Richmond. Not only can the owner (Optix) take down your AV info for you but they have all manner of parts and accessories that even if you don't buy a gun from them at least it's worth it to take a look at all the accessories and gear they have.

Also, for the VFC PDW if it's the "DX" version I believe you get a PEQ15 in the box however no battery. I would highly recommend either the 7.4V "PEQ" LiPo or the 9.9V "PEQ" LiFePo4, or even an 11.1V LiPo.

Talk to the staff there as well, they all know most of their stuff and are knowledgeable in their own rights in different areas (GBB's, AEG's, Spring sniper rifles, gear, electronics/batteries, etc.).
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