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Originally Posted by GSK88 View Post
Although I do agree with you on ACM lights being more worry free and "good enough" for airsoft, both of my Surefires are waterproof and have taken MUCH more abuse than any of my "China" lights could take. (For Cobalt Caliber - Both of my RS lights are about half as bright as my ACM ones)

Plus, figure $60-100~ for a decent China light, $50~ more will get you a used older gen. Surefire light.

But back on topic, OP get yourself mags and a rig/batteries first. THEN the toys...there's always time for more gadgets later.
If you pay 60 to 100$ for a chinese light...You're shopping in the wrong places!

And I've had some of my chinese lights go through hell and high water, like a full cycle in the washer AND dryer, behind forgotten in a snow bank and being dropped 2 stories and kept on being as bright as day and those were just 25-30$ chinese cree led lights.

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So you're saying we cannot engage in a hobby once we are older?

Children these days.
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