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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
I retract my post...carry on.
why? What you said helped and I assume would help someone else with a similar issue. There's only about 4 posts I could find on these forums specifically relating to springs and KWA guns.

Anyway, I know guys - It is still throwing money at the issue but I guess a lot less. It'll be almost 50 to get everything installed (I'd do it myself if the spring was near the stock like some M4s but in KWA rifles it's a pain in the ass to get to the spring) again unless the store is nice and does my spring for free. The bag of bbs would be about 25.

The spring compression thingy I heard doesn't always work so thanks for your input. I guess all things are leaning toward a new spring.

Or a new gun :\

Hmmm, 15$ spring or a 700$ M60...decisions, decisions...

EDIT: So actually I do have the M90 spring in my rifle. It's really just a matter of working in the rifle and adjusting the hop-up. Will test it out this weekend and give you guys an update when I have access to a Chrono on the 24th(April).
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