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Red face Finding Games/Groups??? (Toronto)

Hello everybody,

I am brand new to Airsoft, but have been a semi-regular paintball player for some time. I just bought a G&G mp5 a4, and I'm quite happy with it. In the near future I'll be looking for a side arm, and a red-dot scope and tac-light for my mp5.
I am in the Toronto area (living in Richmond Hill, York Region) and am looking for some games or groups that don't mind taking on players undergoing the daunting airsoft learning curve. I feel like I'll pick up the tactics and the etiquette quite quickly, it'll just be a matter of learning my equipment and becoming comfortable in a slightly different environment. I am VERY excited for my first airsoft game, but I also wonder if my ONE hi-cap (200rd) mag will be good enough for my first game, or if it's necessary to purchase a second mag first; I figured I'd just load up my speedloader and stick that in a pouch.
Any help is greatly appreciated! One of the things that drew me towards airsoft was the quality of people in the airsoft crowd - you all seem pretty friendly and helpful so far!
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