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Working in a rifle: FPS issues

I searched and found out quite a bit on this issue but I still have some questions.

For starters I have a KWA M4A1 and it was recently downgraded with a M100 spring but according to the salesman it still fires at 380fps. While this may be fine for some outdoor battles I'd rather just get it 350(-) so I'm good for whatever.

Should I:

a) Get a M90 spring or is that going too low?
b) Cut some rings off the spring?
c) Fire 10,000BBs to work in my spring?
d) All or some of the above?

It seems to be an issue with some KWA's that even after being downgraded they still fire way above the requirements, but the solutions vary depending who's giving it.

Anxious to hear some expert advice.
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