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The Techie

Rarity: Uncommon

Age: 20-50

The first thing a techie does when he gets a new AEG is open up the gearbox and regrease and reshim. Considered very well versed in the art of airsoft maintenance and performance upgrades, techies spend a good deal of time dispensing useful information on forums as well as repairing other airsofter's guns. On the field you will find techies rocking the latest computerized MOSFETs, sorbo pads and Prommy barrels. They are also aware that Systema upgrade parts are overpriced crap. *BEWARE* not all Techie's are equal in skill, some just go on youtube and disseminate inaccurate information

The Speed Freak

Rarity: rare

Age: 20-50

A subcategory of the techie. Like the techie, the Speed Freak is well versed in the art of airsoft performance upgrades but focuses on one thing: getting his gun to shoot as fast as impractically possible. Nothing turns a Speed Freak on more than pics of a dual sector gear. Because of this, speed freaks won't even look at any gun that shoots slower than 35 RPS. Hence, their condescending attitude towards Systema PTW users. Typical airsoft setup will be and AEG with a dual sector gear, ACM neo motor, non AB MOSFET, lots and lots of SHS parts, and the largest lipo that he can afford. You can find Speed freaks on the Airsoftmechanics forums trying to outdo one another with their high speed setups. Can usually be found on the airsoft field impressing little kids with the sound of their high speed gun. That is until their SHS piston shatters/pinion gear strips/ACM neo motor dies/lipo catches on fire.

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