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The snake 'softer

NOTE: if you have not played metal gear solid the following article will make no sense at all.

average age rating: Unknown

attributes: He has a deep gritty voice, smokes like a chimney and has never seen a barber. These are airsofters that played metal gear solid way too many times and now believe themselves to be Solid Snake. when they are hit they do not say 'hit' instead they prefer shouting "snake? snake? snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!!!?" at the top of their lungs. They are masters of the knife kill and love to sneak about reveling in their ability to take on a base single handed. (which they seldom do.)

Tell-tale signs for spotting one: They look like solid snake. Also when posed with the question "metal Gear?" they will stop everything they're doing, turn to face you and will reply "....metal.....gear?"

Common guns used- a SOCOM with LAM unit and silencer are customary but they are also armed with other pistols (usually springers) and a cardboard box.

I love me some Metal Gear lol
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