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Borrowed from the ^UK site, with some modifications

The 'pocket money' N00b

Rarity: fairly common

average age rating: 12-18

attributes: all of their kit is often bought by a parent or is purchused with the N00bs own 'pocket money'. In general, this kit is usually viper or unbranded and will often consist of a chinese made BDU and a thin and badly worn helmet. there will also invariably be a tactical pistol holster. This is sometimes paticularly confusing since many of these n00bs cannot afford a pistol. (although this often rectified by using a water pistol/springer to take up space in the holster.)
Commonly they spend most of their time arguing on internet forums or playing COD MW2 dressed in their own airsoft gear.

Tell-tale signs for spotting one: they often post up their newest l33t loadout on forums, but these photographs will mostly consist of the infamous 'bedroom clear!!' or in this case 'garden CLEAR!!' photos. They will also never wear any type of footwear chosing instead to go into battle wearing socks or nothing at all. When they do attend skirmishes they usually wear trainers or hoodies along with all their newest gear that soon falls apart when it encounters any sort of rough terrain.

Common guns used- Chinese made rifles, with far too many accessories. They will often be two toned or be styled upon whatever gun they have in MW2.

The 'Skintsofter'

Rarity: fairly common

average age rating: 12-40

attributes: The skintsofter is one of natures crullest creations. It is a person who has a great love of airsofting but has neither the money nor the time to be able to skirmish or get anything resembling a loadout together. They survive on scraps of kit sold 2nd hand on the forums and buy guns as cheaply as possible. They are also known for being extremly creative since they can manufacture things like silencers out of pieces or pipe or toilet roll holders.

Tell-tale signs for spotting one: Generally the glum look on their face as they turn up to a skirmish with a slightly broken gun and a pair of camo trousers from Primark. They will also be obvious from the envious looks they cast towards other airsofters who are far more kitted up.

Common guns used- Chinese made rifles and old marui ex-hire guns.

t3h l33t sniper

rarity: fairly common

average age rating 12 - 20

attributes: As a n00b discovers airsoft he does one of two things. He will either strap a box mag to an m4 or buy a sniper rifle. If he buys a sniper rifle he becomes t3h l33t sniper. t3h l33t sniper is a noob is is determned to become the best airsoft sniper ever encountered and wants to strike fear into the hearts of his fellow airsofters with a reputation for 1000 yard 1 shot kills. What they fail to understand is that airsoft sniping is actually a lot more about hiding and stealth rather than a high powered rifle firing from miles away.

Tell-tale signs for spotting one: They will either be wearing a gigantic store bought gillie suit or will have fashioned some cunning camoflague in the form of local flora strapped to their knees, shoulders and head. Failing this, they can be found spending all of their time between matches 'zero'ing' their rifle, for some reason they just keep missing all those head shots.

Common guns used- Chinese made copies of maruzen or marui snipers. They may even blow all their money on tricked out g-specs or similar. The paticulary rich will invariably buy a barret or an intervention, then proceed to two-tone it.

The Chairsofter

rarity: exceedingly common

average age rating 12 - 50

attributes: The chairsofter is a strange thing indeed. It is in essence a nerd with a great knowlege of airsoft who never actually plays airsoft. Nonetheless the chairsofter will often have a large collection of guns strapped to his wall and will often be found on forums writing guides to airsofting and discussing airsofts various pros and cons within the game. The height of a chairsofters experience will be shooting the neighbours cat out of the window with an l96 because it interrupted his Dragonball Z marathon or gaming session.

Tell-tale signs for spotting one: Generally they are of a pasty complexion and often show signs of having a bad diet. This is generally due to surving on supernoodles and frozen meals. but you'll never see one anyway, so why bother? They can be found online with stupid sounding nicknames (no doubt involving a fantasy animal or a wolf) and will no doubt have a massive post count.

Common guns used- Anything big and impressive looking for his wall, generally covered in accessories that he would soon take off if he ever got the chance to play with his guns in game.

The 'more money than sense' airsofter

Rarity: Uncommon

average age rating 25 - 40

attributes: This airsofter works in a high powered job or just has simply too much money and not much else to spend it on. They generally have better kit than the military and guns that were made custom for them. They are generally nice guys and can be relied upon to buy 50 quids worth of pyro per skirmish. They are also well known for getting stuck on the track to the site because they thought that their mercedes would handle it.

Tell-tale signs for spotting one: Looks like an advert for Magpul/multicam/systema. Generally is throwing pyro every three seconds and will be happy to let you hold any of his guns between matches. After all, whats the point of having a minigun if everyone knows it's not yours?

Common guns used- systemas with real steel parts, miniguns, barrets or interventions.

Ex-forces 'softer

Rarity: Uncommon

average age rating 25 - 40

attributes: This soldier used to be in army/navy/airforce and so holding a gun and running round the woods isn't anything new to him. Except maybe the navy guy...but you get the idea. all of his kit is heavy worn in and he can move through the woods like a freakin' ninja. All of his other kit is of course numbered, and his gun has the bare minimum of accesories. Or if he has a few they are for a purpose or real steel items.

Tell-tale signs for spotting one: Everyone listens to what he has to say during game, most of the time if he's not maliciously shooting people and laughing he'll be looking bored and smoking.

Common guns used- depends on what he's doing now. Generally anything for a decent marui or chinese gun up to a systema.

The CQB Junkie

Rarity: rare

average age rating 22 - 30

attributes: This guy loves fast firing guns, tight spaces and kicking in doors. He's used to pain and almost seems to delight in getting a streak of red dots across his arms/legs/face. He's kitted out to cause pain in a similar fashion armed with a MOSCART launcher and a tiny m4/mp5 that's rigged for speed. He's also packed to the gills with explosives and protective gear such as a helmet and at times a riot shield.

Tell-tale signs for spotting one: He looks like batman crossed with juggernaut. He'll be bleeding or kicking in a door. Everyone wants to be on his team when it comes to entering a building.

Common guns used- small and fast with lots and lots of mags. Lipo batteries are his friend. 6 barreled CAW launchers or MOSCART launchers are also not uncommon.

The Female Airsofter

Rarity: ultra rare

average age rating 16 - 28

attributes: Airsoft is a male dominated hobby, this we know. But there are female players out there and recently the number has been growing. This could be because of the open loving airsoft community or it could just be because girls are suddenly becoming a lot more violent. Either way, they are often underestimated and the proceed to destroy every other enemy player on the field while running off with their flag.

Tell-tale signs for spotting one: well...if you need to ask me that, i think you should talk to your parents.

Common guns used- small pdw type weapons are common, but anything goes really. Big heavy '***** extension' weapons, such as LMG's and snipers, aren't seen as often

The Kiddie 'softer

Rarity: increasingly common

average age rating: 12-15

attributes: These players either use a two tone gun or ones "borrowed" from big brother. Can be found being overlooked due to being so small you either can't find them or can't hit them as they make a much smaller target.

Tell-tale signs for spotting one: Looking down! you may find them scurrying around your feet or hiding in the smallest of spaces.

Common guns used- Chinese made rifles, most commonly the JG G36C in two tone or a Double Eagle shotgun.

Contributed by Big Al

The Geardo

Rarity: fairly common

average age rating: 25-50

attributes: These guys have a love even greater than the love they have for the airsofting hobby. These people are geardo's. They love trawling the internet on real steel and army forums searching for the newest and most expensive gear. They were the people who first started wearing multicam, had integrated knee pads in their trousers and even have a NVG strapped to their gun. They are without a doubt useful to have alongside you, with the amount of gadgets they have you're sure to have some advantage over the enemy. However, they may not fair to well when their gear makes them too bulky to move at more than a walking pace.

Tell-tale signs for spotting one: They are covered in more gadgets than their already extensively tactical armalite. They always have the best and most expensive kit on and can tell you what real steel units wear this kit and for what reason. they will also be easy to spot from the sounds of laughter as they examine chinese copies of whatever gear they are wearing

Common guns used- Systemas, upgraded marui's, VFC, G&P. All of these generally being armalites, because they need room for all their 'tacticool' accessories.

The Sci-fi 'softer

average age rating: 18+

attributes: From the Matrix to Stargate to Alien there have been a lot of cool looking movie characters out there toting guns around and shooting the hell out of each other. Who, in all honesty hasn't wanted to be Neo/Ripley/a colonial Marine/Boba Fett/O'neil? Well, there are some airsofters out there who search the internet for armor and loadouts and turn up to a woodland skirmish looking like they have just walked off the set of whatever movie the are representing. This is also rather useful for attending various conventions and picking up on nerd-chicks. They are airsofters at heart but at times it can be a little disconcerting to be clearing a room with a colonial marine to your left and a member of the stargate team to your right. It should also be noted that armor, while excellent defence against alien acid-blood/phasers/rocket-bullets, has never been noted for its stealthy properties.

Tell-tale signs for spotting one: Have you seen them in a movie before? if so, they are a Sci-fi 'softer.

Common guns used- heavily converted guns made to look like their sci-fi equivalent.

The snake 'softer

NOTE: if you have not played metal gear solid the following article will make no sense at all.

average age rating: Unknown

attributes: He has a deep gritty voice, smokes like a chimney and has never seen a barber. These are airsofters that played metal gear solid way too many times and now believe themselves to be Solid Snake. when they are hit they do not say 'hit' instead they prefer shouting "snake? snake? snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!!!?" at the top of their lungs. They are masters of the knife kill and love to sneak about reveling in their ability to take on a base single handed. (which they seldom do.)

Tell-tale signs for spotting one: They look like solid snake. Also when posed with the question "metal Gear?" they will stop everything they're doing, turn to face you and will reply "....metal.....gear?"

Common guns used- a SOCOM with LAM unit and silencer are customary but they are also armed with other pistols (usually springers) and a cardboard box.

Historic softer

Rarity: Rare

Doesn't give a fuck they are wearing gear older then they are, these guys think modern gear is overrated. Very similar to gear whores they will have ever piece of issued kit, just far from up to date. Generally they prefer photo-ops to actual games.

Tell-tales signs for spotting one, They are pretty obvious they generally lack optics, and tend to run guns barebone. Generally their kit would stick out compared to their comrades by being years out of date. Guns commonly used are era correct. You will not find a PTW amongst this crowd.

Feel free to add other stereotypes.
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