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Originally Posted by augherk View Post
Hey guys, I recently picked up the cybergun clone of the CYMA Ak AIMS with the folding wire stock and wood foregrip boner.

this one.

I had a couple of questions about it, hopefully you can help.

1. It has no barrel thread. Is there an adapter to give it one? I've looked around and I'm not finding anything.

2. I bought a couple of CYMA lowcap mags for it and their mag catches don't match the one in my gun, but the feed hole is in the same place. what brand should I buy, if I can't file the catches down on the mags that I have?

If you have any other advice regarding the gun by all means throw it my way. It's solid, hefty and accurate, I can't wait to get it ready for gaming.

Thanks in advance
Cybergun doesn't clone anything so the OEM for your PM md. 90 is CYMA.

Answer time
1. Remove the Muzzle break should be the standard 14mm- threaded muzzle underneath.

2. Just a little bit of light filing at the magazine's rear catch until it fits would do the job. The CYMA AK mags you have or designed for the TM style AK not the VFC, but conversion is really easy and the magazines will still be backwards compatible with the TM style AK.

I hope that answers any questions you may have about your PM md. 90 assault rifle.
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