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Originally Posted by Grizzly0679 View Post
I found one of these (plus the charger) at my country house yesterday. Gonna try to make use of it. It's not fancy or anything but considering my brother is giving it to me I can't complain.

My question is this: I notice the radios posted here have tons of channels available(upwards of 90+). Mine only has 22. Is that going to be an issue?


nevermind I found the answer to my question. So really 100+ channels just gives the option for...122 difference voice channels. Sometimes subtle answers are so obvious they're overlooked. That being the case I don't see 22 being a problem unless there are more than 22 teams on voice.

Now to check the other details to make sure it's ok...
I have those Motorola. Used them for years camping, hiking, airsofting, on a cruise ship in Mexico, etc...

They will work fine until you want to invest in something different.

As per channels, think of it as you have 22. The subtones are for the most part useless as other people can still hear you or you hear them. Even though I can key up the sub tones on my Wouxun or Puxing, I refuse to use them in a game.
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