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Originally Posted by Aedan798 View Post
The actual thing you are seeing is a lot different then what you think it is.

the ''Channel'' are a lot different with the radio you have with the channel been determined for FRS and GMRS ONLY.

The radio we do suggest are programable, a lot more powerfull for some, and have those ''channel'' because they can store frequency you cannot have with your radio.

You do have a good radio. You don't need another than the one you have with FRS and GMRS frequency because everybody are usiing those freq anyway. We just have to program them into our radio instead of you who just take the channel.
I really appreciate the advice and explanation. No doubt I'd like to invest in a proper radio, especially one that helps me immerse myself into the game(read: looks cool lol). But it's not a cheap sport(meh, was the same thing for snowboarding give or take) to get into, so I'm just looking to cut corners in order to get playing soon. The only thing I didn't skimp on was my rifle, but other things like misc gear are forcing me to be a little thrifty. When it's time to upgrade I won't forget your post.
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