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If a M16 felt small and cramped you may want to try a M60/240B machine gun. They look the part and are of tremendous use in most every scenario. We had a big dude playing with us once and an M4 looked like a tiny MP5 on him...quite out of scale.

Another time a buddy brought out a new guy (big football-type guy) and we gave him a SAW (249)...the guy one handed it for most of the day and had a blast. We didn't have to get him sorted out with gear and mags, etc...

"Simple" as well.....since you don't really need a rig/gear (just a good sling). Rig up a big battery.....pour a bag of BBs into the box mag...and you're good to go. No mags/loaders/gear/ deal with. Typically don't need optics/laser/gizmos as well...that's up to you.

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