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Originally Posted by Tankdude View Post
Who said anything about having it pressurized?
How are you going to get a hot 40mm shell, if it's not primed ready to go with pressurized CO2??

OP - a full pressured 900psi XM204 nades will shoot roughly around 380-390fps w/.20, this was done with a RS Chrony outdoors during mid morning at the temperature about 28C
@ 900psi is very doable but not recommended as it can damage or even blown out your Oring seals please keep a safe MED and DO NOT leave your primed nades out in the sun
On colder temp like below 22C the highest I ever reached was 348-355 fps w/.20 the outside temperature does affect the high pressure nades performance, especially when your CO2 bottle is cold, in fact I did the most damage to my retainer oring at temperature below 22C running a pressure above 700psi

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