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I googled "M4 AEG disassembly" and this was the first result. - Disassembly Guide for M4 AEG - YouTube

It'll be nearly 100% exactly the same as your rifle.

Some particulars about yours..
- for the part where he retracts the charging handle a bit to get it to clear the'll probably be tight on yours. Go easy, don't reef on anything
- you'll need to remove the bolt release on yours before you pull off the upper from the lower.
--- use a small punch and punch out the pin holding the bolt release
--- tilt it a bit and it will come out of the AEG
------when you have the mechbox out...line it back up and see how the tip of the bolt release fits into the catch on the other side of the'll give you a better idea of how it needs to go back together
- the wiring needs to be routed properly or else you'll bind the bolt release, mag release and impede the full seating of magazines
- yours probably doesn't have the small spade connectors up in the wiring in the hand it's a pain. You need to either use a very small micro flat head to push in the fins of the plug to remove the connector...or else cut it off, do what you need to and then rig up another connector. There's a special tool for taking the pins out of a mini tamiya...but I've never needed that.

If you run into trouble...don't force anything. Some 5yr old asian sweat shop kid put it it isn't that hard. If you're really stuck...don't bust anything, make sure you have all the parts, go find a gun doc. If they're nice, they'll show you how to put it back together so you can do it yourself next time.

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