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Originally Posted by j_march View Post
ok good to know, glad im able to talk to the experts......may i ask more seeing as im a grenade launcher fanatic.....ive got an ares eglm, d-boys m203, s&t ag-36, Star ag-36, Caw m79, Caw hk69, and a classic army gp-30(doesnt count cause it takes odd shells), a deepfire m72, a gamma at-4, and an ares sa-80, and im working on getting a iron airsoft m320 standalone. what is the compatibility of those shells with these launchers??
they should all fit with the exception of the kings in anything designed to use the shorter rounds. eg. the kings would work great in the thumper as it's a break action. same with the ag-36 and m72 etc. they won't fit in the revolver as it has a limited depth.

you could stick with the cherries but the kings put more rounds on target in a denser cloud of BB's.
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