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Hop-Up Advice


I gamed my FAMAS recently, and I learned that the stock hop-up sucks @$$. So, I'm trying to get a new hop.

However, there's at least a million manufacturers out there, each advertising to be 'the best'.

To complicate things more, there's silicon ones, rubber ones, mixed ones, and they all have varying degrees of hardness; 50, 65, 70, 95, 120, and more.

I'm still a noob in terms of detailed parts of the gun, so could someone please tell me what the advantages and disadvantages of silicon, rubber, and composite hops, the meaning of hardness degree, and recommendations for a good hop brand? Also, are there separate complete V1 hops for sale?

It's quite a bit, but I'm hoping to get the best deal and performance possible out of this.

Thank you!
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