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Originally Posted by phloudernow View Post
LOL you dont haggle in Hong Kong, Hong Kong isnt like china, where you can haggle your way down from 500 dollars RMB to 50 RMB. everything there has a fixed price.

Kwong wah Street is a good bet, also check out sham shui po, as well as stores on Castle peak road like Ehobby etc.

Also UN company in Wanchai.

Theres also a bunch of other small stores everywhere like armorytechairsoft in Sai Wan Ho

Also be sure to check out Lankwai Fong for some good partying time there
That's what I thought, but I've read several posts from others suggesting the opposite.

Things at the eHobbyAsia store are priced the same as their website. Lackluster prices such as this prompt me to believe haggling was an option, lol.

As for looking the part, well.. Let's just say I look more Resident than I do as a visitor.
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