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Both GBBs & AEGs require maintenance from time to time. Maintenance takes different forms, though. If you are electrically inclined, then you may prefer an AEG (batteries, fuses, wiring, motors, etc.). If you are mechanically inclined, then you may prefer a GBB (strip and maintenance is similar to real steel, although there are obvious differences). Externally, attachments are similar, but fitment may vary depending on manufacturer.

Cost-wise, they are, imo, on equal footing - the cost just happens to be spent in different upgrades, tools and support equipment. For example, in AEGs, extra costs occur with batteries, gearbox upgrades, motor upgrades, wiring, charging units, and mosfets (for lipos). In GBBs, extra costs occur for internal mechanical upgrades to steel, and extra magazines (which aren't cheap).

AEG, pros - easiest to get into and maintain in running condition; operates under all conditions, including cold climate; mags are plentiful and cheap; mags come in mid and high cap versions; larges selection of rifle styles available.

AEG, cons - maintenance/upgrades can be tricky for new people, especially around the gearbox; extra costs can add up (spare batteries, charger); occasional fitment issues with mag compatibility; all gearboxes are not alike (v.2, v.3, etc.) or made the same (cyma box vs. vfc box); dying batteries in the field; stripped gearboxes in the field.

GBB, pros - real cap mags; recoil; mechanically simple (similar to RS guns)

GBB, cons - mags are heavy; mags may leak/blowout; mags are expensive; stock guns almost always require internal upgrades to steel; need to compensate for mag cooldown; guns rarely work properly in cold weather (unless running CO2 mags); more general maintenance on the internals and mags (cleaning, lube, leak tests, etc.).

FOR A STARTER, start with a good quality AEG - they will give you the least amount of worry (generally speaking). HOWEVER, if you're comfortable around RS guns, then a GBB may be more your style.

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