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Originally Posted by hav0k View Post
What is your take on the subject? I personally have never owned a airsoft gun, but this summer I'll be buying a few of them, I'm just wondering...

Pros and cons of Gas Blowback?

Pros and cons of Electric?

Thanks for your time
Originally Posted by hav0k View Post
Ah well, I'm first gonna start one a pistol then a rifle. I don't plan on getting a shit load of guns obviously. Any more comments? I'm really looking into getting a gas blowback just because of the realism.
Some good comments already.

For pistols...definitely buy a Gas Blow Back pistol. While they don't have the kick/recoil of real pistols (no airsoft gun does), electric pistols are so tame/lame that it just takes the fun right out of it.
- you'll need the pistol, at least one mag, some very lightweight silicone oil (won't harm rubber), a propane adaptor (get the new gen AI plastic adaptor) and some propane (Can coleman bottles)...and quality BBs.

For rifles...there's a lot of different makes/manufacturers. Each have their pro/con. Some are more realistic...others are limited in options. Some guys have had great luck with keeping them running...others haven't. That applies to both AEGs, GBBRs and Electric blowback rifles...both large and small.

ALL Airsoft Guns are essentially toys...expensive toys that are made pretty cheaply (even though you may not be paying a cheap price). Keep that in mind and you won't be surprised by anything.

+ action
+ noise
- relatively expensive mags
- cold temperature performance

Electric Blow Backs
+ "familiar" AEG setup
+ not weather/temp affected
- tame action
- most...but not all...stand a higher chance of busting themselves since there's more fiddly parts and they're smashing about with every shot

+ add battery, add BB and shoot simplicity
+ higher magzine capacity
+ parts/bits/pieces are in general less expensive
+ consistency shot to shot...over time
- toy like fell...lack of action
- if you need to work on the internals there's often a lot that needs to be disassembled...and it's like taking a kids toy apart, lots of fiddly bits, little screws, gears and bits.

So in the end...depends on what you want to do, and what your budget is.
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