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look at this.

HFC-134a has very low acute inhalation toxicity. The lowest concentration that causes mortality in rats -- the approximate lethal concentration (ALC) -- for a 4-hour exposure is greater than 500,000 ppm. Anaesthetic-like effects, such as lethargy and incoordination, are observed in rats at very high inhalation concentrations (greater than 200,000 ppm).

hey wait then that means that green gas which is (hfc 134a) would not kill you if you inhale it?

so dustergas has a lower lethal concentration? so it would kill you faster?

They actually have an award for killing yourself stupidly. The darwin award. in the future I see thicker and more editions of the darwin awards.

Its not nesseserily a bad thing if people are killing themselves stupidly the world is overcrowded anyways.
Just give kids that do that some carbon tetrachloride or ethylene glycol and get them to sniff it (in the case of ethylene glycol mix it in with some wine or something and give it to them). It actually would be helping the world killing off the weak link of humans and slowing the overpopulation.

Its always been the survival of the fittest.
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