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KWA m1911 barrel?

So I'm new to airsoft and really want an authentic looking m1911, more as a show piece than for gaming at the moment. So in my findings I came across the KWA 1911 MK II PTP. Now this gun is almost exactly what i want in a show piece, no tinted lower receiver and full metal body (although ive read the outer barrel is made from a strong polymer plastic). My only gripe is the orange tip being non removable. Now there is a way around it but it would involve me having to import a metal outer barrel made from KWA for the gun. Having read the importing post I was still left with some confusion on the matter of hangun barrel lengths. Keep in mind that I have no intention of running down the street and waving my gun in the air like a moron. It's gonna be sitting nicely on top of my desk. So my question is, what is an illegal barrel for airsoft handguns? The new barrel has no orange tip and is a bit shorter than the stock one.

P.s: unless i find a canadian retailer who carries the barrel for the gun i might have to import or give up with this gun :/
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