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Originally Posted by Tspoon View Post
The stereotype that all youth airsofters are are annoying, bratty little kids running around shooting .12g BBs out of their Wal-Mart airsoft guns and not following rules. I'm sure there are some like that, but not ALL youths are like that. It's not like as soon as you turn 18 you are all of a sudden mature enough for airsoft. :P
That stereotype actually goes beyond age 18, there is no shortage of dumbasses over 18 either. The only reason there is that 18 year old rule is for one reason only:


Get the legal adult age lowered to 16, and you'll see that number drop down to 16 too.
*I personally wouldn't mind, since it would mean all those rioting/protester under-aged teens would be tried and treated as adults too*

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