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Originally Posted by Tspoon View Post
The stereotype that all youth airsofters are are annoying, bratty little kids running around shooting .12g BBs out of their Wal-Mart airsoft guns and not following rules. I'm sure there are some like that, but not ALL youths are like that. It's not like as soon as you turn 18 you are all of a sudden mature enough for airsoft. :P
All it takes is one in a bunch to ruin it for everyone. I agree that not all are bad in fact there are some here and on the other site that I wont trust with a potato gun but the fact remain that most under ager that visit here are the typical I know it all, you guys are elitist pricks, keyboard warriors type. There are those who choose to keep quiet and learn, visit the games and ask question in person, those are more than welcomed and soon enjoyed the game of airsoft a lot faster than those whinny crybaby, it's my right, I deserve the world type that plague this site
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