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Originally Posted by scottyfox View Post
Again, TM is a completely different animal than the ones you are bringing up. I shouldn't have lumped KA in there since they are actually great guns but Javelin, APS, G&G, no good.

If anyone can get their hands on a TM Recoil Shock (I have three), they are nearest to PTWs in awesomeness. Oh yeah, but not really for beginners since they also approach them in price and a quite a commitment for upgrading.
I have heard good things about the new TM's, perhaps all BB AEG's aren't bad. I'm anxious to try one out. I have also seen that KWA is making a BB AEG and with the use of proprietary mags the bolt will lock back when the mag is empty. Regular stanag mags wil also work in these.

Originally Posted by microgab View Post
So I've heard a lot of good things on KA's M4...but for AK, which brand is a go for a starter gun?
When it comes to the AK's it would be hard for me to recommend anything other than the Real Sword, truly an amazing gun. I understand that VFC makes a nice AK if you're looking more for a AK74.

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