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So here's a top tip when buying a "good" gun.

You won't have to post a thread or question saying "has anyone ever hear of this gun", or "is this a good brand". There will be a ton of online reviews and threads here and at the other key locations. People will have photo's posted up of their setups and there will be a lot of general talk about them.

You just have to search and read.

Now no one here will stop you from being the first guinea pig in the piranha tank but you will get lot of I told you so's if you get a lemon, or you can't find parts or if it's just a general letdown.

So if this is your first major purchase I suggest hedging your bets on the side of reliability and commonality. If your new purchase does go down before you even get a few games out of it you'll be sidelined and kicking yourself.
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