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Originally Posted by horto View Post
One of the first zombie games at flag raiders, overnight, with the glowing blue tupperware containers and the epic "guns and ammo" shop. Best game of my life. Well, and that one with the helicopters.
Well, c3sk's first zombie game at FR. But yeah, that "Guns and Ammo" shop was HILARIOUS. At Brian's zombie games, he always wanted people to try and kill others to get their weapons and ammo and stuff, it would be really funny, but most people were too polite or outgunned to actually do it. I know that at the one at FTF, my small team and I actually waited in ambush for a couple of teams, but they never actually crossed into our killzone.

At the one at FR, one guy got his weapon in the blue tupperware, and proudly brought it across. People practically clapped him in, all jealous he'd found his weapon. Then Brian casually walks up to him, stabs him, and takes the weapon, gets his gun. After that, you had to smuggle that shit in under your shirt, because there was no way that anyone was not going to stab you for it.

I got involved in one stab-fest, where my teammate shanked someone for his tupperware, then she got shanked, then I shanked the guy who stabbed her, etc etc. I got stabbed and revived TWICE before I was finally able to wrestle the tupperware out of someone's dead hands and get myself a weapon through the pile of bodies at the front door of the weapon shop. You had to have someone's hand on your shoulder for 30 seconds for a non-zombie bite to come back to life, and we were no more than 20ft from the "Guns and Ammo" store. After it was all finally resolved, the zombies figured out where there were some easy targets and broke up the aftermath of the fight.
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