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I think the only downside to the TM EBB is that is seems a bit rare over here now. Maybe coming this season they'll show up more often. I have my eye out for a Recce rifle.

The OP should definitely hit a few games up and see what's what. Renting etc. or using the cheap gun till you've been exposed to some of the higher quality product. The first AEG I ever had I wound up never gaming and swapping away because I never got hooked on it, that was a JG G36 (fairly mid level but reliable). The next was a VFC SCAR, that saw a lot more use over years of play.

While you're getting a handle on what kind of AEG you want get an idea if you're going to be the kind of player who also does an impression of a real world outfit. If you find you really want to gear up as a Soviet and you've got a Masada or a MP5 you'll be starting all over again with. Decide if you want to mount an optic, some models are easier to do that on than others. Pick something you can get magazines for, and make sure those are not high caps but mid or low caps.

And while all this is going on meet up with an age verifier and get that tag on here. That will let you see posts you can't see right now leading to retailers and discussion of hardware that you may find very useful.
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